Remix: Art Vs Science - With Thoughts (Denzal Park Remix)

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I am staying home tonight, because it seems I have more fun going out on the week days and avoiding the Hollywood / OC runoff that seems to creap into my fun bars and venues on the weekends. Friday night traffic in Hollywood - is stupid!!

So I decided to clean my downtown loft and move some shit around - because I seem to have enough gear here to outfit a whole band - including amps and a drum kit....and I don't even play in a band - I just manage them - lucky me!  What better way to spend the evening than listening to Art Vs Science and using my FLIPPERS to get down, and clean my place!!

I miss my Aussie friends big time - but with another US / Canada tour coming up at the end of October I will be seeing them soon enough!! Woop!! Until then - here is a tasty new remix out of their latest single "With Thoughts" - and it is truly delicious! I have also included a live cover of "Boom Boom Shake The Room" from their Magic Fountain EP - that we can't buy in the states - which I think is lame.....iTunes!!

Hope it makes your Friday night as fun as mine!!

With Thoughts (Denzal Park Remix) by Art vs Science

Boom! Shake The Room (Live at Splendour In The Grass) by Art vs Science