Is Tropical - Mixtape CHILLTHEFUCKDOWN

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Is Tropical wants you to have something for the hangover this weekend, so they have belssed us with another mixtape. I love bands that do this because you hear some great music and remixes, plus you get an idea of what the band themselves are into. This one is called CHILLTHEFUCKDOWN - and we get to see a more chill side of this electro dance band from London!

Download this mixtape for free and have it always....thanks Is Tropical!

January 6 - Happy Trendy
Around The World - Benoit & Sergio
Hip Hop Spa - Fatima Al Qadiri
As Young As Yesterday - Korallreven
No One Is Holy Without Suffering - Young Eagle
Eagles Of Africa - Koudlam
Genesis - Grimes
Jesus (Vacationer remix) - DOM