Remix: Hooray For Earth - True Loves (Cereal Spiller Remix)

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It's the new year! I am recovered from a fun night of live music and drinking with great friends - waiting for everyone to get back to work so I can get back to work! New Years resolution was to eat vegan for at least one year - so I had my Tom Kha soup with tofu and no fish sauce and brown rice. Delicious! Car is still dead but I will get around to calling AAA sometime tonight, and my blog list for work is pretty much updated for the new year! I'm ready to go!

Hooray For Earth just posted this remix of "True Loves" by Cereal Spiller along with a cool video. Hooray For Earth was one of my top 5 new bands for 2011 - and I really like this remix. It came out on the True Loves EP early last enjoy!!