Art Vs Science - Friend In The Field - Winning the ARIA

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I received a message this morning that made me think about my pals Art Vs Science - who found their way back home to Australia - taking some well deserved time off. "Friend in the Field" has a story behind it, one that I relate to because I have been that friend lost in the field, and I have also lost that friend....but all that was lost was also found, much like in this song.

Recently they just won the ARIA award for Best Independent Release for their 2011 ablum The Experiment - which is amazing! I know I talk about Art Vs Science all the time, but they are just that good....they deserve it. Watch the video below - forward to around 6:30 - they look very dapper! :-)

While Dan, D-Mac, and Jim - in my world - are lost in the field tonight, I have no doubt they will be found again, back here in the states and right back into my heart where they live...although it may be a while before that happens!! Cheers!

1. Friend In The Field - Art Vs. Science Live At Splendour '09 (Recorded by Triple J) by lifeoftheparty2121