New Video: Races - Big Broom

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Oh.....I struggle with this band. Races seems to be LA's newest next big thing. Last year around this time it was Foster the People, and look what heppened with them. My problem with Races is that I love this song and enjoy listening to recorded songs - but I am not impressed with their live show. I am just one of those people who need a great live show to be super impressed...and I just dont get it with them. I don't know, maybe I have to check it out again, I am down to give anything a second chance.

Meanwhile, their new video for "Big Broom" was primered today on Rolling Stone! Holy shit!! Holy shit balls!! That is incredibly exciting for Races and I am super happy for them. I bet they are all at home or work right now with hearts pounding and smiles from ear to ear! Congrats Races!!