Remix: Mausi - Sol. (Polarsets Remix)

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I know I have not been talking much about what bands are going to be playing my SXSW showcase this year, and that's because I have not announced yet....but that is coming very soon! Polarsets may or may not be playing, but all they same I think they are awesome!! This Newcastle, UK trio released new single "Morning" back in August of last year that has stolen my love love!

Today Neon Gold premiered their new remix of Mausi track "Sol." and had this to say - "taking Mausi's everlasting summer anthem "Sol" and injecting it with that full-frontal Friendly Fires-in-Ibiza vibe that they pull off so effortlessly. All we wanted was to thaw out a bit and just like that, they answered our prayers with this thorough remedy, a familiar mirage of the tropics underscored by Mausi's sunbeat vocals and Polarsets' trademark man-of-steel drums."

I have posted "Morning" below and the video is for the Mausi remix. All I can say is this - SXSW is going to be off the hook this year!

Morning by Polarsets