Guilty Pleasure: Chevelle - Face To The Floor

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I do have a harder rock side to me - and it does not come out too much but trust me, it's there. I am a huge fan of TOOL, Alice In Changes, and bands of that sort. I don't hear too many good ones these days, mostly because I am litening to indie rock and dance music, but once in a while one gets through.

Chevelle have hit commercial radio with a new song called "Face To The Floor" that I just love. Totally sounds like TOOL, but I don't care. I have been a fan of this band for almost 10 years now - I worked their second studio album "Wander Whats Next" on Epic Records when I was working at Sony Music. Not only are the Chevelle brothers - AKA the Loeffler brothers - really talented musicians, thay are also awesome guys who are greatful and so much fun to be around. Glad to see them back on the scene!