Portugal. The Man - So American

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One of the best albums of 2011, Portugal. The Man is the kind of band that makes the kind of music that keeps me believing that rock is not dead - that Justin Bieber cannot actually produce something of substance, that Maroon 5 does not have the moves like Jagger, and that what I do for a living is not a waste of time....and that the general public who continue to lap up the top 40 crap like they have any clue what good music is, are actually crazy....and it's not me! I get it....and I am so happy about that!

Track one on Portugal. The Man's 2011 record "In The Morning In The Cloud" sets the tone for the rest of the album. The song is called "So American" and after listening, you just know you are in for a real can't help but listen to the rest of the album and feel good about your life has been enriched you have gained knowledge about the you are now smarter because you heard something that was AWESOME!

..............fuck its so good!!