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The worst thing ever is seeing bad things happening to good people - and today Breton closed the doors to their home at BretonLABS.  For the past 3 1/2 years, members of London's electro-rockers Breton and friends have lived in an abandoned Natwest Bank, turning a squat into a productive and creative place to be - a world that has shaped the lives of Breton and those that surround them into what they are today.  Having this creative space and home taken from them is so sad, and our love and support goes out to all involved - Roman, Adam, Ian, Dan, Ryan and Chris.... you are all in our thoughts!  Massive amounts of love from Beautiful Buzzz!

Here is the first video shot at BretonLABS

Here is a message from the band: 

"4 weeks ago we found out that the building we call the LAB was going to be demolished. They said we had 4 weeks to get out.  Today we closed the doors on the LAB for the last time.
It was a building that gave us a place to write, shoot films, rehearse, edit, eat and sleep. We wrote our album here, we signed our record deal here.  The best thing about it wasn't the 4am rehearsals, or the 2 day parties, or video shoots and recording sessions, the best part was that it became a magnet for so many talented artists and fascinating people.  So if the Lab was part of your life, weather your an Irish photographer, a German film maker, a French writer, an American actor, a Spanish poet, a Mexican journalist or an Australian drummer- or even if you lived down the road, or just enjoyed listening to the album we wrote there, we wanted to say thanks. The best bit about this Lab was it meant we met you guys.  We are about to enter the next phase of the band.  We have already begun looking for BretonLabs 2.  It will be like BretonLabs 1, just with heating.  We also have a show coming up that will be the most incredible thing we have ever done, and bring together everything we love about this project.  Heres to the amazing experience we had there, but more importantly, to all the exciting stuff we have coming up!"

Here is the last video shot at BretonLABS