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I pretty much had a freakout over this band last week!   City Calm Down are from Melbourne, Australia and I think they are the bees knees!  Came across their video for "Pleasure & Consequence" on an Australian music blog and almost instantly swooned over the sweet electro pop pumping out of my speakers!  Australian electro pop happens to be my very favorite - that part of the world just gets it - producing knock down hands up dance hits that make you want to shake your ass!  For City Calm Down, the mixture of electro pop and post-punk gives it a darker feel that enhances the sound and makes it sexy.  I'm hooked!  I have been talking non-stop about this band at shows, dance parties, and playing them at after party DJ's like masturbation for your headphones!  Soon they are going to think I am a stalker, but it's just so fucking good I have to spread the love!      


City Calm Down released their Movements EP today world wide via I OH YOU - and you can download that bad boy on iTunes HERE!  I did it, I bought that bitch ... which I never do ... but I had to have it NOW!  Counting down the days for them to get to the states, which I have no idea when that will be, but I am hoping for some SXSW action!  You can stream the Movements EP above - I know you'll love it!