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Know what I am most excited for next month?  Yep, you guessed it.....the new Lovelife EP!  The Fourth Floor will be released on 12/17, but you can stream it here now and know it for all it's magnificent glory!  I pre-ordered the vinyl HERE because I'm pretty sure this is my favorite new band from 2012!

I normally don't nerd out this hard over bands - there have been a few times where I turned super nerd: meeting Art Vs Science for the first time at my 2011 SXSW showcase, that was exciting - or that one time with Andrew VanWyngarden I strangely nerded which caught me by surprise - David Bowie, yea I forgot how to talk that time..... I digress!  I am nerding out over Lovelife !!

Lovelife - The Fourth Floor EP.jpg

This new EP - in my opinion - contains the best material from Lovelife thus far.  I love everything they do, but it just keeps getting better and better.  The lead off track "Heaven" is a song written about frontman Lee Newell's old band Viva Brother, and it's indie pop perfection with fuzzy synths and a catchy hook where the lyrics describe almost having it all, loosing it before it even starts, and moving on - something we can all relate with.  The third track "Your New Beloved" is my favorite with pulsing beats and harmonic vocals, it's super sexy!   

I have nothing bad to say besides this - you're stupid to not love Lovelife!