Erin MaherComment

As we come closer to the end of 2012, it's time for all of us to start making our "best of" lists .... and as of right now, Lovelife is at the top of mine!  This band has made the second half of 2012 so enjoyable for me!  The combination of Ally Young (Mirrors) and Lee Newell (Viva Brother) has created a synth-pop masterpiece with soulful grooves and catchy dance beats.  I must have listened to their El Regreso EP a hundred times, and now they are set to release a new EP called The Fourth Floor on December 10. 

"Heaven" - released today - is a new track off this upcoming EP, and Newell discloses that it was written about his old band, Viva Brother.  With lyrics like, "I remember when I was standing at the top of the world," and "When I tried to say something I bit my tounge instead, now the kings is dead, he fell from this throne," is a solid reflection of the demise of Viva Brother and how emotional that was for him (if you don't know the story about Viva Brother, read this).  It's a fucking great song - Lovelife is amazing - everyone needs to get on this now!