Erin MaherComment

It is very rare that I post a live track.  Maybe it's because a recording never fully captures the total emotion and feeling of what is really going on live, but I have to say when I heard this track this morning, it totally brought me back to some of the best live music I saw in all of 2012 from London UK electro-rockers Breton.  I have two words - holy shit! 

Fucking brilliant!  I am a lucky girl!  I met Breton when they played my SXSW showcase in Austin 2012 where we fell in love and began a beautiful friendship.  I think I know some of the most talented people on the planet.  They inspire me, and I hope they can inspire all of you as well!  This is a 10 minute live version of "December" recorded on September 27, 2012 @ La Gaite Lyrique, Paris, France.  Grab it as a free download!