Erin MaherComment

It's the first week of December, which means we are all going to have to suffer through 3 more weeks of Xmas music, angry shoppers, and creepy family members like your long lost thumbless uncle who only shows up once a year..... without a thumb!  Ah.....the holidays!  But have no fear, if you are in San Francisco you are in luck, because this week you can get away from it all and go see Blackbird Blackbird on Thursday night at Rickshaw Stop!

Will Calll are having another one of their awesome pop-up shows, and it's featuring Blackbird Blackbird - this one is going to be outrageous!  Taken from his facebook page, "Anthemic, dream-driven themes inspire Blackbird Blackbird's work, where layers of electronic texture drape over organic sounds and ghostly vocals.  Within elongated song structures, Blackbird Blackbird harnesses thematic elements of dynamism and composition to create depth and complexity, while never losing sight of his pop sensibilities."  His new Boracay Planet EP is out now! 

This night also includes a headline set from LA daytime disco darlings Poolside, and a DJ set from Bloc Party!  Woah!!  You will need to get tickets HERE - or grab the Will Call App and scoop tickets there!  Either way, it will be hard to keep your panties on at this show!