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Since their birth in November (that's last month), Isadora has had early fans at the likes of INTERVIEW Magazine, Under the Radar, and W Magazine. The band consists of Aaron Mendelsohn (vocals, guitar), Ian Mellencamp (bass, vocals), Jesse Bilotta (drums, vocals), Nick Burleigh (guitar, violin), and Josh Rouah (keyboards, guitar, vocals). Their debut EP will be released in late Feburary 2013.

The band began as a duo, writing dreamy, melodic pop tunes inspired by the compositions of early Andrew Bird.  The lineup grew and shrank, eventually swelling into its five-piece formation.  The evolution in the lineup has inspired a change as well in the band's sonic atmosphere.  Isadora has arrived at a rich, textured sound, sometimes going purely 'on feel' while always being highly composed.

Directed by Chris Byler and Sam Adams, the video follows drummer Jesse Bilotta who plays a man bored with life and ready to be done with it all. He decides to have one last banger with his imaginary friend  "Larry" and then ends it all with some assistance from his Madame.