Remix: Tanlines - Brothers (Joshua Ryan Remix)

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Who wants a new remix to download for free???  Meeeee!!!!  Tanlines are hooking it up!

"Brothers" was the last song we finished at Brothers studio and the last song I wrote lyrics for there. Brothers was the studio that my brother Josh and I built after he stopped producing Trance music. We built it as a place to record our own music together, and eventually started working on our friends' projects there.  It's also where I started Tanlines with Jesse.  Josh stored all of his old Trance records in the studio, and in the song there's a line about the 1000's of records we had at the studio that Josh didn't know what to do with when we had to move out.  On literally the very last day we had to be out of the building, he finally packed and moved them.  This is the first Joshua Ryan produced track or remix that he's done in almost 10 years and we're very happy to share it with you guys here. -Eric