New Music: Jonquil - It's My Part

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OMG!! I love booking my showcase for SXSW so much because I get handed bands that I may not have heard before, and I discover so much new great music! This morning I received an email about this band - Jonquil - and I am freaking out!! I am totally in love, and I am in the process of booking them because this band is a must!! Headed up by vocalist Hugo Manuel - also known as much loved artist Chad Valley - Jonquil is currently stealing my heart as we speak!

Their new album comes out February 28 in the US and March 5 in the UK - I am listening to it now and I can tell you that it is AWESOME!! They will also have a new video for this featured track "It's My Part" out in a few days so I will be sure to get that up here! Yay SXSW - it is going to be one amazing year!!