Remix: Grouplove - Tongue Tied (Gigamesh Remix)

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Sunday funday! As the Super Bowl begins, I am hiding out in my studio working, because working on Sunday is always fun - and I really want to avoid any Super Bowl craziness! Remix time!! I have not been able to stop listening to Gigamesh!! This new remix of Grouplove's "Tongue Tied" is nice! It keeps that Grouplove vibe, like they are all at a slumber party having a pillow fight and tickling each other.....giggling....

Even tho I am not the hugest Grouplove fan, Gigamesh is AWESOME!!! If you want to check out more of his stuff, go to his SOUNDCLOUD PAGE!! This remix is a free download as well.....thank's Gigamesh!

Oh yea - I would also like to announce that Gigamesh will be playing my SXSW party this year in Austin, TX! He is going to open my electronic / dance band day on Friday March 17 @ noon!!! RAD!!!!