New Video: Dry The River - The Chambers & The Valves

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I was recently been introduced to Dry The River a few months back, and I have to admit I have not spent much time with them yet. It's not that I don't like the music, but I guess I have not heard something that has made me drop what I was doing and listen to everything I can get my hands on by them. So far from what I can tell, they are missing a bit of an edge - which is something that I love. However, I just watched this video and I really liked what I heard and saw....I think dracula is dreamy!! They also get brownie points for being from London, UK!! ;-)

I can imagine Dry The River being a great live band that is not translated over into their recordings the same way. I believe I heard they will be making it to the US for SXSW so I hope I get to catch them on the west coast!

So check out their video for "The chambers & The Valves" and see for yourself!