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Oh SXSW - you were so good to me this year!   Not only did I pull of a great showcase, dodging every road block that was put in my way, but I also got to have some of my all time favorite bands play, which in my book is pretty amazing.   Enter Lovedrug on Saturday afternoon!   Wow!

One thing I know about myself, no matter how many bands I work with or how many shows I produce or how many rock stars I know, I will always be a fan of great music and I will always be a geeky nerd about it!   I love Lovedrug - always have and always will, and they were the greatest guys and put on one hell of a live show!

Just released a video for the title track off their new album Wild Blood which is out now and totally amazing (I got my copy on vinyl) so go buy it because even musicians need money. The photo from above is from my SXSW showcase - out back behind the venue - taken by Greg Jarbath!!