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I wish I could say I have been waiting and waiting for this release, but the truth is I have only recently found out about this awesome London band only 4 months ago.   However, I have not been this excited for a band's first full length release for quite some time, and for thier return to the states this May!   I have also been talking about them non stop, and then to have had them play my SXSW showcase and have a great time drinking and dancing all night - well now we're friends forever, BFF's, mates, etc!

Breton have stolen my heart and recently my full attention, which I find very interesting - because the music is far from the electro pop rock that I ususally fall for.   This stuff is raw and real and has a hard edge and can be a bit intense - but it is so fucking fantastic I just can't get enough!

Breton's new album is called Other People's Problems and it dropped in the UK today! We here in the states have to wait until April 3 to get our hands on it, but you can pre-order now on iTunes and Amazon!

Daniel, Ian, Roman, Adam, and Ryan (& Chris) - A M A Z I N G!!   Congrats my little angels, it's all so exciting!   Well done!!