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There comes a time during the week of madness that is SXSW where you will yell and scream at someone - especially if you are in a band or running a multiple day showcase.   For me, I yelled at everyone who was on the SEA NOW! team, 4 days and 4 nights with over 90 bands is no fucking joke!!   Yes, I yelled, and then said I was sorry.

White Arrows arrived to my venue @ SXSW on Saturday - it was crazy being Saint Patricks day and all, and this was their last show of like 9 in 4 days - so yes - it was time for them to scream and yell - at each other.   I dont blame them, I did not have a green room where they could relax, and it was hard to load their gear onto the front satge, and there was no where to park....SXSW conditions at some venues kind of suck - and although what I had to offer was not perfect - they still got free beer!

Even after the yelling back stage by the mens room, this Los Angeles band took that front stage and owned it! They were just so so good and the crowd loved it!   And so many other LA bands were hanging out to support them, Vanaprasta, Voxhaul was a party and quite a love fest!!

White Arrows have released a new video for their track called "Get Gone" - it's pretty!!   They are about to do a few shows with Givers - this is a show you should not miss!!

April 15 - Slim's - San Francisco, CA
April 17 - The Celler Door - Visalia, CA