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Ask me who my new favorite band is right now.....I dare you......because you are about to get schooled!! Breton are my brand new loves!  From London, british and gorgeous, and so in your face and raw it hurts in all the right ways!  I have been listening non-stop!! 

"Breton are an inscrutable bunch of musicians and award-winning indie film-makers with, we are told, "cutting-edge video and sound design work under their belts" for the likes of Temper Trap, Penguin Prison and Tricky. They're so inscrutable they don't just live in south-east London, they have a "base" there, a former bank known as BretonLABS, where these multi-instrumentalist, multimedia types work on their music and audio-visuals, and do remixes for the likes of Local Natives, Chapel Club and Maps & Atlases. When they do venture out of BretonLABS, it is to perform shows shrouded in black hoods, lit only by the glow of their homemade, self-shot movies, which are cut and edited live by their touring-only fifth member as the four musicians play, variously, guitars, bass, synths, drums and laptops to create an intriguing sort of dubsteppy but poppy art-rock-cum-cinematic electronica." - The Gardian UK

I think I may have found what my Art Vs Science @ SXSW 2011 is to what my Breton @ SXSW 2012 will be! Over the moon - they are playing BOTH my official and unofficial showcase!