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United Kingdom - why do you produce awesome shit??   Really???   Awesome people, awesome style, awesome beer, awesome music.....but the food we'll have to work on that!!   Welcome Fixers - I love you!   You're British and cute and goofy and AWESOME!   I just listened to the upcoming Pop Meat/Your Corruptor EP which will be released on April 24th - and my day just got better by 100 percent!   I am beginning to think I live in the wrong city because Los Angeles NEVER produces the greatness of you...Fixers...not like you...we have other forms of greatness!   I digress!!

3 shows in New York this week but no west coast love - you are going to have to change that Fixers.   I know what you've heard - LA crowds are tough...well it's true but that does not mean we don't love live music and wont love you....I already do!!

Thanks for the free download of "Crystals" and making a cool video - I'll be waiting for you to come to LA!