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Time to get trendy!   Wintersleep are a Pitchfork, Flaverpill, MTV, all the trendy blogs that are harder to get your music on than Rolling Stone it seems, kind of band.   To me, this means a band that is really nothing special but have money from a label to have a great PR company push, money for radio (dirty dirty corrupt radio), and money to buy onto tours with bigger name bands and not get paid only making money off of merch.....however, I do not want to be too quick to judge.

If I am putting it up here, there must be something but I am still not 100% sold on this band.   One saving grace, they have been a band for 10 years!   This means they know each other better which makes a better live show, they have a tighter live set, and know the ups and downs of the business....and most likely have been through the shit once or twice already!

Their new album Hello Hum drops June 12 via Roll Call Records/ILG, and they have just released their new single from that album called "Resusciate".   I don't hate it, but I don't love it, but I need to see a live show to make a decision.   Until then, you can decide for yourself!