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The lesson I learned today is that when your mother asks you to take a trip out to the end of the world in NorCal to pick up some reupholstered cushions - you do it....because you may come across an obscure radio station playing Latin Alternative Music....and you may hear a new really great band you never heard before!!  That is exactly what heppened to me today....and I found Astro!

I came home and tried to find out as much as I could about this electro synth-pop group from Santagio, Chile - and what I caan tell you is that I can't find a facebook page!  Really?  No...not really but that took a long time to find it HERE but I did....however it's in Spanish so I will have to freshen up on my Espanol!

Looks like Astro had an album come out in 2011 and were SXSW 2012 showcasing artists.  You can listen to the album on their SOUNDCLOUD PAGE and I have provided a song and video below!  Love this band and love finding new music - I hope they come back to the states soon!