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I have had one crazy week of shows and festivals and traveling that Beautiful Buzzz has remained silent for over a week.  Sorry about that kids - there is lots to catch up on and lots of amazing music to listen to still....I will try to get tracks and videos up ASAP!

I have seen hundreds and hundreds of bands over the years - so many that sometimes I even forget what I have and have not seen.  One thing I do know, for sure, that Art Vs Science is, 100% the best live band around, anywhere....

I have waited 8 long months to see my lovely Australian friends again, and like always their shows totally blow me away - it never gets old and it never will!  Again...Dan, Dan & Jim - you are amazing!!  Let's keep doing this for a really really long time!!

Pics from AvS @ The Echo - Los Angeles - June 1
I have actually never seen this little hipster LA club go off so got east LA to dance their asses off! Well done!

Pic from AvS @ BFD - San Francisco - June 2
How exciting - this is the largest US crowd yet! So much fun!