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Australia is really providing us with some great new music today!  Moving on to Melbourne, I hear that this new album from Alpine is one of Australia's most anticipated for the year!  I think that is well deserved.  They have just released new single "Gasoline" and it's a bright pop gem that you just can't help to love.

I booked Alpine at my SXSW 2012 showcase, but unfortunately they were not able to play due to total exhaustion form one of the beautiful ladies....which if you have ever been to SXSW you woud totally fact I fell out this year too, by Saturday night I could no longer go on, had to leave my own showcase and pass out in the van. However, the members of Alpine were wonderfully amazing people and I wish them all the best...and I can't wait to see them again!

New album A is for Alpine is out August 10, keep a look out for this one kids!