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Happy Monday!!  Finally it is July - the middle of summer and my birth month!  In just a few weeks I will be another year older and much wiser than the year before.  Looking back on this last year I can say I know what has been my most favorite event over everything....and that would be meeting and working with Breton!

Not only is this band one of the best bands I had the pleasure of seeing in 2012 - they are also some of the greatest guys - beautiful people inside and out - and now people I consider family!  The time I have spent working with these cheeky brits has ben so fun I somethimes forget it's work.  I miss them so....right now they are running around Europe playing festivals.  If you missed them on their first US tour in May, have no fear they will be back in the states in September!

Today they release a new single called "Jostle" (off of their debut full length album released in April called Other People's Problems) with B side "Foam" - and this is a UK only release so sorry US you'll have to wait.  This is a great song, go buy it, support Breton because they are totally worth it!

Download "Jostle" from iTunes here!