Erin MaherComment

Happy Monday!  Everyone remember Viva Brother?  You most likely do if you are in the UK - they were the Brits most favorite rock band to hate - to the point where it was the demise of the band in just 2 years.  I happened to love the band, I could see past the media drama and overly pompous attitude from front man Lee Newell - who by the way was very down to earth and cool to talk to off stage.  I caught their LA show at The Satellite in April 2011 and thought there would be great things in the future for them, but the negative press and lack of support by their label eventually brought things to an end just one year later - and they announced the split on April 1, 2012.

So, just a few months later after some soul searching and re-location to New York - Newell has paired up with Ally Young (Mirrors) to form synth group Lovelife - and the rest of the members from Viva Brother as the backing band.  I happen to think that a re-location to another country is the perfect way to start new and fresh, and from the sound of it, I am back to thinking there will be great things in their future.  Don't expect the grit-pop sound Viva Brother coined...this is some serious synth-pop with dance grooves and funky bass riffs synthed out with swirly vocals.......I'm so into it!

Check out Lovelife's new single "Tonight (We're Taking Our Own Lives)" from their soon to be released El Regreso EP - you can also download it for free from the soundcloud player above!