Erin MaherComment

Know that saying never judge a book by it's cover?  It's totally true!  I resisted listening to this band based solely on their name.  I know we all make fun of indie rock bands that have animals and seasons in their names because there are one million of them - there are so many band names with Wolf or Deer or Bear that it's hard to keep it all straight at times.  But come on.....Zulu??  My bias and bad attitude toward crappy hipster indie rock took over, and I just could not be bothered with a band that included Zulu in their name.  I was wrong.

Two things I did not do: 1) realize this was an Arts & Crafts band.  If I had known they put out the debut Zulu Winter record Language in June I would have listened - I really enjoy most of the bands on that label, and 2) they are from London, and I am a sucker for boys with British accents!  Also, all the music coming out of that part of the world right now is just AMAZING!  So, I got over myself and took a listen, and now I am totally in love with Zulu Winter.  I think Nylon said it best, “a jaunty collection of smart pop songs featuring falsetto cries, tribal beats, and sparkly synths”.

Check out this new Zulu Winter video for single "Key To My Heart"!