Erin MaherComment

So unless you live under a rock, you know how fucked up and brutal the music industry is these days.  We are all insane to still be working in this dying industry, but when it is what we love to do, how do we just walk away.  Sometimes there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and just every now and again we hear of a success story about an independent artists who are doing it on their own! 

The Limousines are a electronic pop band from the San Francisco, CA bay area and they have decided to take a DIY approach for their upcoming record release Hush, tour, and all the other things that go into breaking a record such as radio and PR.  What many people don't realize is that most bands are having to go this route nowadays - and hundreds of thousands of dollars are spent directly from the artists pocket in hopes of hitting that lucky moment when it all comes together and a hit record is born.

I have gone through this process with many bands that I have worked with, and sometimes it works, and sometimes it fails - but what always remains the same is the insane amount of time, energy, effort and passion these artists put into their music.  The Limousines are great examples of this - I have watched their rise from the start; they have worked their butts off and Eric & Gio are awesome guys to boot!

The Limousines started a Kickstarter fund raiser 5 days ago, and were asking for the minimum to complete their record, and I am happy to see that last night they reached that goal.  However, they still need so much more support to tour, pay for PR, press CD's and Vinyl, the list goes on and on - so please check out the video and go pledge a few bucks to help independent artists - it will make you fee oh-so-good!