Erin MaherComment

Hello Chicago!  The music that comes out of your beautiful city is electrifying!  You know at the turn of the century (2000 that is) I lived in the mid west and visited Chicago for shows many times, and I have to say I did not find things as exciting there back then as I do now.....maybe you were on a slump, or maybe it was me....... either way I know you now! 

To say I am excited for all the new music we are going to see from this Chicago electro dance rock band this year is an understatement.  Hey Champ have captured a sweet little spot in my heart for all time, I am pretty sure I had a life changing / defining moment at a show of theirs once.....ahh, the memories!  I digress - new music = exciting!  We are also going to see Hey Champ back at SXSW this year where they are sure to blow the roof off Austin!

Hey Champ released a new single yesterday called "Cliche" and it's awesome balls!  I have had it on repeat all morning!  You can grab this track as a free download - it must be your lucky day!  More to come from Hey Champ soon, so keep your eyes peeled!