Erin MaherComment

I know I have not talked much about CMJ last week, I had so much fun that I am kinda keeping it to myself, because it was my time, and it was beautiful!  CMJ is all about meeting new people, hearing new music, and connecting with old friends alike!  My first adventure in New York was awesome, and some new friends have made all my dreams and hard work seem possible, and the love I am feeling is kinda overwhelming.  Rad!! 

My most favorite gentlemen ever, The Most Definitely, had a little party with Beautiful Buzzz that was a great success, and the next night they had another party with All Things Go at Brooklyn Bowl - my new favorite venue EVER!  My besties Lovelife played this event, and after the show was over and we were the last to exit the building, Jonny Ray - Lovelife tour manager extraordinaire - tells The Most Definitely guys and I to hop into the Lovelife tour sprinter so he can take up to another bar where the band is waiting!  On our short ride, Jonny wants to play us some music by a friend of his David Harks.  Beautiful Buzzz and The Most Definitely dream team nerded out hard while listening to this track "Oddsey" - the 4 of us though this track was the shit, and the fact that Jonny Ray was so amped about David Harks, and that there was a male blow up sex doll named Justin Bieber in the sprinter with us, made this moment one of the best of CMJ!  Thanks Jonny Ray!!