Erin MaherComment

There are no words great enough to describe the love we have for NZCA/Lines!  Fate brought us together, well maybe not fate but a little festival called SXSW did the trick.  As I was booking our Beautiful Buzzz showcase, I came across NZCA/Lines on a list from somewhere and decided to take a listen!  Swoon!  They had me at hello, and I immediately booked them for the show.  

NZCA/Lines is the project of Michael Lovett, and has that breed of R&B electronic groove that is really quite brilliant!  The live show was amazing, and as we watched Josh Legg of Goldroom tapped me on the shoulder, and with a huge smile on his face and the sound of excitement in this voice asked, "Who is this?"  I told him, and as he typed it into this phone, he looks at me and says, "Nice job!"  I know right, because it's fucking NZCA/Lines, and he's awesome, and we love him!!

Check out this exclusive mixtape NZCA/Lines did for FatCat Records. The tracks on this mixtape represent a cross-section of Michael's recent listening, built around a love for contemporary French music and the 70s disco and soul from which it emerged, as well as a continued appreciation of hip-hop and R&B!