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Sex, drugs and rock-n-roll!  It's a common theme that never gets old.  Getting a glimpse into the party lifestyle of young bands always makes for a fun and adventurous video that is easy to watch, and leaves you wanting more.  Australian indie pop band Glass Towers have a new video for recent single "Tonight" which combines multiple experiences of founding member and vocalist Benjamin Hannam's party antics while in high-school, which from the look of things was only about a year ago! be young and beautiful forever......

"Tonight" reflects the high energy indie dance pop style of Two Door Cinema Club, with a driving rhythm and bouncy frantic guitars that scoop you up and get you dancing.  Australian indie pop bands have this ability to bring out the intensity of life through their songs, and Glass Towers are successfully achieving this kind of greatness......they are not fucking around!  The band have toured with the likes of Dappled Cities, Loon Lake and Neil Finn’s Pajama Club, and are now ready to make their US debut this year at SXSW in Austin, TX!  Yes, they will be playing the Beautiful Buzzz unofficial showcase FREE NOW! and we can't wait to get our dance on!    

"Tonight" is featured on the Collarbone Jungle EP available on iTunes HERE!