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Having friends that make great music is the best part of my life!  I would say I have no musical talent and that's why I work at labels, manage bands, put together shows, and have this here blog - but others would disagree.  My talent lies in knowing and finding the best of the best in new music - and from time to time I sometimes kill it at karaoke!  One of my little angels and a person on my top 10 list of most favorite people in the world, Darren Robinson, has a fun new project called Twin Terrors.

You may know Darren best as guitarist extraordinaire from Phantom Planet - at least that's how I met him so many years ago (10??) when he was a rock star on tour and I was a marketing rep at Sony.  Twin Terrors mixes that great Phantom Planet pop feel with indie rock tones and a danceable beat.  Most recent single called "Sleepland" features Liz Nistico (of Holychild) on vocals who also took part in writing this little pop gem - I LOVE IT!  

You can grab this track as a free download - I suggest you do so immediately!