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Nate is a young musician living in the bay area who has something to say about Daft Punk!

It felt like Random Access Memories was doomed to fall to the same fate as Chinese Democracy, an album so over anticipated that upon release it inevitably disappoint.  But if Daft Punk’s debut single is any indication of what the album holds, Random Access Memories will almost certainly not disappoint.  Rather than succumbing to modern EDM trends here we find the duo returning to their roots, 70s funk and disco.  They’ve elected not to use any sampling, opting instead to collaborate with studio musicians. The albums credits read like a who’s who of 70s studio musicians and the music sounds like a breath a fresh air in today’s laptop infused EDM culture.  On "Get Lucky" Nile Rodgers’ (of Chic) signature syncopated clean guitar tones drive the track and Pharrell Williams (of The Neptunes) tastefully restrained falsetto carries the melody, however at its core the song is very clearly a Daft Punk track. Using an old school Fender P-Bass and choppy vocoder bridge is something no other dance act would dare attempt in 2013, but that’s why no other dance act is as classic as Daft Punk.

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