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Today I have decided to only talk about bands who played the Beautiful Buzzz showcase this year at SXSW in Austin; to follow up on what they have been doing since we partied in the great state of Texas only a few short weeks ago.  One of my most anticipated bands was Mitzi, and fuck my life if they didn't smash their set on that beautiful warm Friday afternoon.  I have been kinda obsessed with Mitzi ever since I came across their All I Heard EP back in 2011 - I have a torrid love affair with Australian indie dance pop because I believe it's the best in the world, brought on by touring with Art Vs Science and having my mind torn apart night after night during their sets....but that's another story.....

I found Mitzi meandering through the crowd, took them around back to check them in, and disclosed my undying love for their music...they were super cute!  We were running about 10 minutes behind schedule, but Mitzi was killing it and a dance party had ensued, naturally - so when they were told by my most amazing sound guy their set was done, I came in with the big boss veto and said fuck it, keep playing bitches (mostly because I was having way too much of a good time to let it stop)... and they did and it was amazing!  Definitely one of my top 5 most favorite moments of SXSW!  I can't wait for Mitzi to return to the states.... we'll do it all again!

A few months back Dave Allison remixed "All I Heard" by Mitzi that I had not heard, but today Mitzi shared it in their soundcould feed, so here ya go kids!!