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The best part about my job (I can't believe I listen to bands and see live music for a living) is coming across brand new bands like this simply because they were supported by other bands.  It doesn't always work out for these new little baby bands, but the possibilities are wide open, and sometimes we can get in on the ground level of something pretty great!  I feel this way about today's new discovery - Drive By Night - which my little angels China Rats suggested, and I am so happy that they did, because otherwise I would not be sitting here writing about it.  

Drive By Night come from the same little British town of Leeds as China Rats - whom we already know and love, playing our Beautiful Buzzz SXSW showcase twice this year -  and the two bands will be playing songs together at their upcoming gig in Leeds at Oporto on June 11.  I'm not all together sure how many people in Leeds actually read our little blog, but there is the gig date.... just in case.  Today China Rats posted this Drive By Night video on their Facebook, which came up in my feed....and this is how the magic happens friends!  

This new track "Play Fake" from Drive By Night is a sweet little song, perfectly pop, perfectly British.  It's the start of something that might be just great, and it's a beautiful place to catch a band.... when they are green with only a few hundred likes on a Facebook page created 5 months ago.  Look at the likes of MS MR, Lovelife, or Little Daylight, or NO CEREMONY/// - all who within the last 6 months we have watched come up in our little scene!  I like Drive By Night, I hope to be seeing much more from them in the months to come.