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Ahhh....Travis!  I have always held a special place in my heart for this band.  When I was a kid - I used to stay up late at night to watch Matt Pinfield host 120 Minutes on MTV (which I think came on at like 1 am or something like that) and this is where I saw my first Travis video - "All I Wanna Do Is Rock."  It's true, all I wanted to do is rock - it was 1997, the Britpop invasion was in full swing, I had just graduated high school, working in a record store, contemplating college - shit was real and Travis blew my mind!  My Good Feeling cassette tape wore out from constant those were good times!   Eventually my first job in the music industry was with Sony (Epic/Coloumbia Records) where I ended up working Travis records, and even met the band once in 2003 - I swooned!  Matt Pinfield was A&R at Cloumbia Records at that time as well - small small world.  ;-)    

 Travis return after a five year hiatus with an impressive new album Where You Stand - out August 20th - on their own re-launched label Red Telephone Box via Kobalt Label Services.  Sounding more invigorated than ever, the multi-million-selling Scottish quartet have delivered a stunning new album full of the cinematic pop and instantly anthemic songs that first caught the attention of critics and music fans on their breakthrough album The Man Who  , but by true nature I was one step ahead; always partial to debut album Good Feeling, however pretty much every album Travis has produced has been amazing!

Check out their new video for "Moving" - and I also included the "All I Wanna Do Is Rock" video for good nostalgic measures!