Erin MaherComment

The love I have for this band and these guys is special.  Their music gets under my skin, it makes my heart beat faster, it takes me to another place - a good place, a great place actually!  The Darcys first came into my life in 2011 - they were handed to me via Arts & Crafts so that I could consider them for my 2012 SXSW showcase.  Once I started listening to their self titled debut record, I couldn't stop - they had me at hello.  Since that day, I can honestly say that The Darcys are in the top 10 list of my all time favorite bands.  Their live shows are ridiculous!  They have played my SXSW showcase for the past two years - mind blown each time!  They are my friends and even my protectors, actually interfering and helping me out of a sticky situation involving a very drunk very large Texan during SXSW this year (thanks Wes).  The Darcys are something special! 

This new track "The River" is insane!!  Jason Couse's vocals are brilliantly ethereal - there's nothing like them - he reaches into your soul leaving behind little bits of greatness.  I am loving everything about this!  The band says,“The River is about the darkness at the bottom if you don’t find yourself at the top.”   

The Darcys will release their brilliant new record Warning on September 17 via Arts & Crafts.  “Warring is moving forward. It's learning in motion. Competition and survival, letting go to persevere. It is anxiety about the future and the triumph of life in the moment. It’s victory on will alone, the force that eradicates failure as an option.”   You can grab this track as a free download!