Erin MaherComment

Lately I feel as if I have been talking about my darlings Lovelife all the time, releasing remixes and new tracks every other week - it's almost too good to be true!  I mean, I have been talking non-stop about them for well over a year because I think I might be their #1 super nerd fan, but I'm totally OK with that!  London R&B electro dance pop rockers Lovelife released a new track today called "Stateless" and again, it's fucking brilliant.  This band is going to be HUGE - you can count on that!  Hey guys - how about trying to write a bad song, because it seems to be a challenge for you!  I am sick of being bombarded by awesome Lovelife tracks , try being crap for once!    

It's only a hand full of weeks until I am reunited with my friends once again, this time in my hometown San Francisco for their show with AlunaGeorge, I expect kisses and hugs all around!  Well done gentlemen!