Erin MaherComment

It's been an incredibly difficult week for me personally, lots of drama, lots of work - actually the past 6 weeks have been a bit of a disaster.  My one completely happy moment this week was the 3 hours I spent with Lovelife - my brilliant friends were in town for just a bit, but it was just enough for me to forget about the drama of life.  A live Lovelife show has now become my sanctuary, a place for me to forget about all the bull shit, a place where I fall in love with music again, where I can just let it all go and just feel love.  It's pretty great!  To see their faces light up with joy when seeing me after our last outing a few months back fills my heart - I'm a pretty lucky girl.     

Amazing shows and amazing songs - Lovelife can do no wrong ...... again.  Their new Stateless EP  drops October 1 and will include this new track "Exhaler" - which is a fantastically bold and heart breaking track.  Get emotional, it's totally fine!  We all need sad songs in our life.