Erin MaherComment

It's kind of fitting that my first blog post of 2014 would be a new song from Silversun Pickups.  This band is a defining moment for me - we all have them, and through out my life's musical journey I have had a number of them: hearing Srg. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band for the first time with my dad, New Kids on the Block ruling my prepubescent world, falling in love with Kurt Cobain, my first Phish show, that boy I dated once who loved Joy Division, etc.  Things of this nature that open your ears and your heart to a new path of music, loving every moment, it's in these moments we become who we are.

When I heard Silversun Pickups for the first time it was a defining moment - living in LA and catching a show of a local band who I had heard were pretty good.  That show opened a whole new world, and I soon became intrenched in the Silver Lake / Echo Park music scene, eventually working for top promoters in this area and supported the growth of indie rock.  Silversun Pickups changed everything!

They are saying goodbye to Dangerbird Records with final release - a singles album due out February 25.  Included is this new single "Cannibal" which premiered on Rolling Stone today!  Classic Silversun Pickups, brilliant as always!  Enjoy!