Treasure Island Music Festival Preview

Paul DucheneComment

It's that golden time of year again in October when San Francisco becomes a drunken mess of fun. From the heat of Indian Summer to the playoff escapades of the city's favorite sports team, the Giants, October sees San Francisco floruish. However, no golden time would be complete without the jolly of music and bringing the city this magneficant joy is Noisepop and Another Planet Entertainment and their annual Treasure Island Music Festival.

This year's TI Fest aims to be a another very successful event. Once again the promoters have done a fantastic job booking top quality headliners as well as scooping up a lot of under the radar up-and-coming acts. Similar to other years, the lineup consits of many electronic and indie acts, but headliner Outkast marks the first hip-hop act to headline the festival. With this lineup we can expect the 2014 Treasure Island Music Festival to be one of our favorite festivals of the year. Both single and tickets to the festival are still available on their website here.

Here is a guide to some of the acts we're excited to see:


Reason to get there early:

Having seen MØ earlier this year, I know what to expect, and what I'm expecting is a whole lot of fun. Her glowing stage presence radiates with  positive vibes as it becomes obvious she puts her heart and body fully in to the show from the moment she steps on stage.  Having had her musical style to be "electronic music with guts," expect a fun and heartwarming set that'll put you in the right party mood early on in the festival.

 Must See Acts: 

I've been unfortunate to miss these guys live up until now. Every time they've been touring one place, I've been somewhere else and it’s never worked out until now. With their album already releasing in July through and getting shortlisted for the Mercury Prize, the secretive London modern-soul collective aren't as secretive as they were months ago, but little information is still available about them. The lack of info hasn't stopped fans to flock to shows as the group prove themselves with only their music. Expect an extremely groovy set with lots of dancing.

St. Lucia
Brooklyn based band St Lucia's electronic pop sound has a very atmospheric quality which is powerful and captivating. Whether it’s at a festival stage or a local music club (good luck finding them at these types of places now a days,) St. Lucia delivers stellar performances that bring the crowd to an all-out dance party. Expect a euphoric bliss to wash over you as you dance and lose all care in the world.

Most Excited For:

The legendary hip-hop duo has been lighting up the festival circuit this summer since they're headlining slot at Coachella earlier in the year. Having not caught them at any festival yet, I was enthralled to see them on the bill for T.I. Fest. Knowing very well that this may be my last chance to catch them ever, I'll be sure to soak up the glory of their performance as they go through classic after classic in their extensive back catalog. Expect to leave the night reliving the epic performance of hip-hop's most famed duo.


Reason to get there early: 

From my own personal experience and the feedback I've heard from others, the sultry singer always puts on a spellbinding set. She performs everything from her hits to her B-Sides and her fabulous cover tracks with magnetic delivery. Her recently released debut album Goddess features her Aliyah-like vocals being cushioned by soulful production from a gang of innovative producers including Lil Silva, Shlohmo, Sohn, and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaur. Don't expect a dance party, but instead expect a tremendous performance from a young singer who'll leave you wondering why you haven't listened to her album yet.

 Must See Acts: 

Massive Attack 
A rule of thumb to have when it comes to festivals is to always see the acts you may never have the opportunity to see again. Luckily scheduling conflicts are avoided at Treasure Island, but the principle still holds weight when considering the fact that you now have the opportunity to see Massive Attack. Despite having kept a low profile since their prominence in the 90's when they helped popularize trip hop, a genre that fuses drum-centric beat breaks, hip hop, and electronica, the group still puts out music with their latest album coming in 2010. Expect them to put on trippy cross-genre showcase that you won't soon forget. 

Washed Out
After becoming an act strongly associated with the rise in popularity of chillwave, Washed Out has proven himself with his newer projects as not being just a one-trick pony. Having expanded both his sound and live performance since his early days of touring where his performance consisted of just him behind a laptop, the intricacies of the show are much more fluid. Just as liquid as the performance is that relaxed sound which comes off equally as silky smooth. Expect serene vibes from his set.

 Most Excited For:

Chet Faker
The Australian electronic act has been on my radar for a long time now. Since winning me over with his Lockjaw EP with Flume, he's released his debut album Built on Glass and it quickly became one of my favorite projects of the year. After not getting to see him at the chaos that was the first day of FYF Fest earlier this year, I'm excited to finally hear live his electro-soul in a wonderful relaxed atmosphere. Expect a brilliant juxtaposition of organic vocals over a synthesized backing.

Here's a playlist of songs from artists from the festival: