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Happy Christmas everyone!! Today I am with my parents and older brother, it's 11:30 am and we have already started drinking the mimosas!  On a day like today when I am hanging and laughing with my favorite people, I'm inclined to look for something new and inspiring!  I don't want to talk about another ZHU remix - I want to talk about something a lot of us have not heard - so I turn to my soundcloud inbox!  As you can imagine - I get a shit ton of submissions every day, and sometimes it's pretty difficult to get to them all.  Enter Miskeyz - a young French producer of the deep house music - and we have a winner!  He says he is a fan of the blog, so he must know about my undying love for French producers, definitely using that to his advantage!!  He sent me the sweetest message with holiday cheer - so I picked his remix of "Edelweiss" by Møme to listen to, and I'm really glad I did ...... because it's fantastic!  Let's all get deep on Christmas day and get your dance party started!!  And - everyone wish Miskeyz a very happy holiday -