Erin MaherComment

I can't possibly describe every amazing moment form my 4th SXSW party, this year called The Green Room, because it was all pretty much amazing!  My awesome team worked so hard to produce this huge event, and we have been through it together.  The Green Room was a crushing success - and I can't thank everyone involved enough for their support!  

Were we packed from noon until closing on Wednesdy for the first time ever?  Did Wave Racer drop a sick set even without full sound?  Did Solidisco destroy everything?  Did The Pizza Underground create lines wrapping around the corner?  Did The Most Definitely debut the sickest DJ set ever?  Did a few BOND agents turn things up with their late night B2B 2 hour DJ set?  Did Touch Sensitive cause a scene with his awesomeness?  Did my first event teaming up with Vitalic Noise pop-off?  Did one of the RUFUS DU SOL boys kiss me multiple times on the lips (I love Australians) before and after delivering one of the best 1/2 hour sets of my life?  Did BASECAMP show up late and the proceed slay?  Did Miami Horror cause a wild party in the street that shut down 2 lanes on 6th? Did Goldroom and Chela perform "Fifteen" live for the first time ever and cause me to cry from an overwhelming feeling of happiness?  Did The Knocks actually play a slammin' DJ set right before Ghost Beach killed everything with their DJ set?  Did Cherub show up and ask me if they could do a DJ set to close out SXSW 2104??

Yes, this all happened, and this only scratches the surface!  What a unbelievable milestone in my life!