Erin MaherComment

If there is any band in the world I would want to see - it would be City Calm Down ..... for real!  I have been pretty much stalking them for a few years now, begging them to come to the states and play my shows, and they just keep telling me no!  Then they like to taunt me by releasing new singles like their latest "Pavement" - I mean ...... come on guys!!  They probably think it's hilarious, oh haha - that silly girl in California with a blog thinks we are awesome, and we keep her on a very short string, dangling our awesome songs in front of her from time to time.  Fuck you CIty Calm Down!  Just because your dark electro tracks are pretty much the best thing ever does not mean you can treat me this way.  One day City Calm Down, one day I will finally get to smooch your faces at one of my shows, and I'll steal your hearts just like you did mine!

Fucking brilliant - as usual...   :-)