Erin MaherComment

It's been a minute since we talked Australian electro-pop, my most favorite kind of pop!  So, I'm going to focus heavily on fresh jams coming from down under for the rest of the afternoon - not gonna lie, this is the best idea I have had all day!  Meet Yeo - he is a young producer from Melbourne and, ummmmmm, people should really be talking about this kid more!  His new track "Kobe" has been on repeat for the last 30 minutes, and each listen I fall more and more in love.  Yeo is your future favorite live electronic artist!  He's going to be one of those super cool bands playing Coachella in a few years.  I mean it - industry peeps out there, listen up!  This shit is gold!  Looks like he'll be heading to North America for Canadian Music Week for a few shows next month - if I could I would grab Yeo for one of my NY shows in 2.5 seconds - maybe I'll have to look into that!  Bananas!